Download from Steam resulted in a trojan alert from Windows defender.

41e17b06-1960-4c75-96a4-c32d34907e9d-image.png As the image showcases.

I am finishing the download to see if the game can launch without this file but heads up something is not quite right.

It is probably a false positive. If you can, try to restore the file or redownload it from the patch and run it through this file scanner:

Got this as well, but different file (GameGuard.des). Had to manually whitelist. I know it's false positive

But I just can't imagine what kind of nasty piece of code they are telling our PC to run to raise such alert. Never happened with other MMORPG that I plays

@Wasp-Eye-Lad I have the Steam and Windows versions of game. My Windows Defender didn't alert me with any issues. Before I made sure my Windows Defender was up to date to prevent false positives to even happen. My advice to have a link account Steam and Windows to which off when one version is acting up. As steam been having some issues.