Birth Of The New Screenshot Simulator: PSO2 Engine Update

Chapter 6 part 6 Recap Thread

Official Notice About Unintended Changes To Body Shape And Skin Color

  • In the 1st closed beta test of "PSO2: NGS", we confirmed the problem that the body shape and skin color may change and took measures, but we have confirmed the problem confirmed this time so far. It was caused by a problem that was not done. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

  • We have considered fixing this problem, but since it is difficult to fix it individually, please use the "Esthetic Free Pass" and "Color Change Pass" that will be distributed as an apology at a later date. Please make adjustments.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

[Notice] The engine is what was upgraded in Japan. We have yet to see a date for the final graphics overhaul.

Video by Azelyra showing off the NGS basegame content while fanboying like a fangirl.

Video by Kaoiji

Players will definitely want to spend money on NGS as the outfit content releases.

General User Consensus:

  • The new face type isn't very well malleable, and looks awkward at certain angles.

  • The wait for new faces might put people back to the classic PSO2 model.

Meme and Chill before you dive too deep:

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Now for the Screenshot showcase as they come along!

@shiro_46san on Twitter

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@Wh_Glint on Twitter

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Before and After by @dblue0193 on Twitter alt text alt text

I have noticed the lack of malleability in the new "NGS Type" female head, it's very very tricky to get the chin area to be in any way similar to what it was before since there's certain "directions" of the proportions that refuse to cooperate or even scale at all with the sliders. The same happens with the eyes to some extent, but less about the shape and more about their "depth", since in some angles it just seems like they're bugging out in an awkward way no matter how hard you try to fix that.

Apart from that, the 3D mesh itself is good and when seen directly from the front or only slightly from an angle it looks fantastic... it's when you start moving the camera towards seeing it from the profile side where the issues start being more and more apparent.

Oof, they were already set to sell more of the new eyes too. That weak malleability looked so painful.

I despise the deep shades of the eyes, it looks harder to make lighter tones.

Was really hoping that the CBT footage wouldn't be live tested on JP server.

The devs already said they weren't gong to fix the changes to every user's skin color and body shape, so I'm hoping the default faces will soon be joined by future faces that look much better from different perspectives.

Here's pics of my character, from the front to hide the "bugged out eyes" thing, before (taken in Global) and after (taken in JP), for the curious (the chin thing I mention is visible):

Before (Outfit) Before (Outfit)

Before (Innerwear) Before (Innerwear)

After (Outfit) After (Outfit)

After (Innerwear) After (Innerwear)

Missing tattoo and freckles due to not having them for the new type body yet. The tattoos... is an odd omission, but I can almost get it... but the lack of freckles option is a bit silly and I hope it gets added as a normal thing and not an AC/SG option... or I'll have to get it regardless...

Video Guide by Kaoiji

SS by Twitter user @kinkakug1

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@Kathiel said in Birth Of The New Screenshot Simulator: PSO2 Engine Update:

... but the lack of freckles option is a bit silly and I hope it gets added as a normal thing and not an AC/SG option... or I'll have to get it regardless...

Yeah, right now the lack of available makeup is really what is preventing me from converting more of my characters over to the NGS faces, particularly the lack of lipstick colors and freckles. I really wished they would have left them in as defaults, but it is probably too tempting for them to put them into a paid scratch.

Also, my biggest over-all gripe is that there is no de-synced customization between PSO2 and NGS faces, or between male and female faces; if there was, I would have gone in and done all of my customization of the new face types without being wary because the character data saving/loading isn't currently available.

There's a user on Twitter warning about how the Body Sync is on by default while customizing.

I don't know if Global can change that default to off, so it's worth giving a heads up.

CAST Guide by Kaoiji

Video by SoulXCloud with Tweaker's English language modifier

Screenshot by Twitter user @Viora_Celsius showing off that Miku colored hair:

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Sakura colored hair Tweet by @gosuinoniwa

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Accessory SS by Twitter user @serio_jan alt text