Is the Aeros Face tradeable/sellable? Also what's with the search function in the shops?

Hey so I've got a CAST I want to look more robotic so I really want the Aeros Face...but I have to buy 80 Scratch Tickets to get it?! Can I buy it off of someone via the shops or is it untradeable?

I ask because SEARCHING "Aeros Face" isn't working for me right now, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. I remember searching for two weeks for "Rubber Tights F" and they never showed up. Only "Rubber Tights M" until I went to a shop that just...HAD them. Then ALL OF THE SUDDEN I could search Rubber Tights F and they were in a bunch of shops!

Shoot! Happened today with the Sylphos Mask! Couldn't search Sylphos Mask and then suddenly I CAN and there's a decent number in the shops! So there's a chance that the Aeros Face is sellable and just isn't searchable at the moment due to some kind of weird search engine bug OR it's just...not sellable.

So yeah! Asking if the Aeros Face can be bought from player shops and also if anyone knows what is up with the shop search function.

Aeros Face is not tradable.

The other thing you are talking about is the item name cache, the auto complete will only work for things you have seen recently, but if you type the item name exactly as it should be and hit search by price it will work.

Scratch bonuses, as far as I am aware, are not (usually) sellable/tradeable. Even if it was, its 80 scratches for a single consumable. It used to only be a 20 scratch reward, which was only maybe worth it if you really wanted it or wanted to pull from that scratch already. I don't think anybody would actually spend the current cost and not keep it for themselves or sell it for a price a tiny amount of the playerbase could actually afford (if it was tradeable).

Honestly, if they'd put it in a 40-80 dollar cosmetic bundle I'd buy it so fast...

No sorry, scratch bonus prizes are only obtained through buying the X amount of scratch tickets needed and they’re not tradable, you don’t even get a duplicate for account unlock so it’s only for one character if the item is a consumable.