Unknown error NP1013 randomly while playing game

I have downloaded PSO2 with Epic game launcher as well as steam and have the same issue on both even after clean boot. I have checked my registry for startup apps, and my task manager startup tab, as well as uninstalled any apps that conflict with game guard (citrix workspace was the only one, no apple products or other tweakers, network analyzers). Checked BIOS settings.

Windows 10 is fully patched version 20H2. Using a geforce 1070, latest drivers, over lay turned off. Using an xbox one controller with the microsoft USB receiver. I've also deleted the game guard folder and let it re-download. Please advise next steps for troubleshooting.

in reviewing npgm.erl I found this System Information OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Windows Home OS Version: 2009 (Build 19042.844) CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor GPU 1: Microsoft Hyper-V Video, Driver date : 6-21-2006 GPU 2: Game Location: Hack Detected Virtual Machine(x64)?

I have no virtual machines running, windows use virtualization for security.

What is causing this?

Windows subsystem for Linux? Virtualization being enabled in the BIOS?

This is really silly, nothing is actually running and it is not a hack or doing anything with PSO2.......

Very sad. Especially considering it never told me any of this and I had to analyze a file to determine the cause.. Who programmed this? Not anyone who knows how to program. Obviously not an unknown error. No wonder the servers are bare and no one plays the game. This is worse than Cyberpunk 2077.

This is now confirmed as a problem that needs to be fixed by SEGA.

I expect a patch soon, and an apology to their fans.

This is actually a GameGuard issue. SEGA doesn't control how a 3rd party anti-hack tool works. Anyway, since you are on Windows 10 Version 2009, that means you are on an Insider build of Windows. The game does NOT work on Insider Builds of Windows 10. It always triggers a gameguard error.

I just installed optional updates NOT the insider build. I did this because support said to be on the most up to date patches, I was already up to date and had issues so I went to a MORE up to date version. Sega gets to pick which policies Game Guard enforces. The idea of blocking hyper-v is actually making PSO2 less protected.

Also just checked and I'm not in the insider program. So your assessment is incorrect. I just took the optional update in windows updates.

Did I mention I have THREE computers with this game installed. Only one is having this issue.

All THREE have the same version and patch revision, and hyper-v is enabled.

This is NOT a Microsoft issue.

I would think it was a me issue, except if you go to a support forum and or discord and see that literally thousands of players are unable to resolve this issue even after the game being out for years. They are resorting to bypassing Game Guard or using tweakers, which for sure would put you out of TOS with SEGA and put your game assets at risk of being revoked.

This is a SEGA issue, and they should ditch game guard or change what it looks for, SEGA is the one who controls this.

Turning off virtualization in the BIOS resolved the issue.