Display on xbox 1

Cant calibrate my screen to make everything see-able. The "L" of lvl is cut off on the left and the "ed" of what I assume is "recommended" in the lobby where it says "free play recommended" I only see recommend. Kind of makes it really challenging when in an expedition and it says to go to eg: D-4. I can see I'm in "D-" but no idea the numerical value due to screen cut off, the windows initialization doesn't seem to do anything in the options menu. Possibility of a "screen calibration mode" ? And no I know it's not my xbox or TV aspect settings because all my other games work fine.

it is 100% your tv settings. you have overscan.

Set your TV Aspect Ratio to fit or something similar, it should fix

4K - Small fits the UI but is too small for anyone with 20/20 or worse vision. Please fix the 4K - Medium and 4K - Large so none of the UI gets cut off.