We STILL haven't had a collab event yet, nor a weblink event. We've even asked for the ff14 collab event. I guess Deyger told Segac and they went "lolno". Can all you come up with for NA are campaigns to keep us interested Sega? Is this how NGS will be treated? When NGS is out on both jp and na, JP get's events and collabs and we don't? What's the plan here?

Also, just because you're adding content quickly to the game (which is catching up/turning it on, it already exists) doesn't mean you can't add some kind of event at the same time. Or even add a collab or webevent when you have no content to add? We got no content to play this week, perfect time to add something like that. Any time you don't plan on giving us content you probably should be doing one of those instead of relying on campaigns.

JP had at LEAST one weblink event since NA has been out. They've had one collab while NA has been out as well. This information is easy to find out you know.

Edit: Oh look jp just got another weblink event today. :'D That makes at least 2. 😛