New, Help, Error Login 664

Hi, im new, im trying to start the game, i downloaded by steam, but when i go to start a New Game, and enter in the begginer server, it give me this error Unable to retrieve your login information. Please close the application and reconnect. [No.664]

I try to restart many times, but still the same error. Anyone know something abouth this?

banned like 3 others here who have yet to get customer support to help

also i am one of the three who have recieved a false ban its genuinely annoying to see how sega customer support is

I suffered that error too the only way I found to fix it was removing all the local data from my computer, the local data is in the documents directory so is not the game files.

@FANtasyStarOnline 664 is because thats exactly what happened before i got my 816

@Haltech-ECU is not a ban, I got that error from a dc when I was accessing the challenge ship, for what I noticed is an error related to your local files saying one thing and the server another thing, so your ban is not related to this error

@Jamesmor where i can delete that local data? I never enter to the game

@alvaro96academic go to documents and there you gonna find a folder called SEGA, is there that the local files are stored you can delete if you want, the game will create again but with the data located in the servers.

I for one never got that error but then again I play it on Xbox one

This happens also with Iran IP. Do they allow certain countries to play the game? It doesn't happen with a VPN.