Getting Hero on 2nd character same ship same account

I have seen this on the forum from 2017 or so, but it’s 2021 and this is driving me nuts. So here I am already a level 68 Phantom on my main character, and Hero is over 50 too, but I wanted to make a second character to main in Hero instead of phantom, and made her a different race too. So my problem is that online has said so, and pso2 game says I can play Hero on my secondary character without getting 2 classes to 75, but it won’t let me. It’s trying to make me do that hard work all over again. Can someone please help me figure why I can’t activate Hero on my second character? Because if it’s not plausible, then pso2 needs to go into their database and remove that darn note.....!44E8DB4E-DFB9-42DA-A8A1-292D663A1EAD.png A34E57AD-75BE-4F80-BAD2-227FEEB49F63.jpeg

Complete client order quest from Kofy first; Hero Qualification Quest; same with Phantom, etc....

To use Hero on a second character, you don't need to meet the requirements again, but you do still need to accept the Hero License Unlock CO from Kofy on the new character, and it will auto complete.

@Xaiyeon that’s the problem. Cofy isn’t showing the quest yet I still have the title.

@DarkSaberSoul5 You may have to complete some of the tutorial ARKS Missions first, like the ones linked to Afin's COs.

Right, you can’t do qualification for classes until you unlock Cofy first. I believe you have to do all of Afin’s tutorial quests for that.