14* eggs collection folder

Can anyone tell me why it takes absolutely longer to do them 14* eggs vs 15* weapons??? I've literally finished two weapon and on the third one now and still have not finish one single egg

Because you only need one copy of a 14* egg, while you can need up to 6 of the 15* weapons to get them to +35.

@AndrlCh that doesnt answer the question and you'll still need eggs to level them up and also candies

That is exactly why.

Not like weapon from collection folder comes with completed stats either. You have to +35 it and affix it.

I guess I should rephrase the question. Why does it take so long to complete a collection folder for egg vs weapon? I can see they both need UQ to complete that last annoying part but why does the percentage go so slowly for eggs vs weapons.

I don't how else to say it. It is as AndrlCh said, the weapon from the collection folders comes at grind cap 30, and you need 6 copies of the weapon to get it to grind cap 35. While the egg, you can get it to level cap with just 1 copy.

It is effectively needing to do the weapon collection folder 6 times to egg 1 time.

Nvm guess ya cant understand my question

@HarmlessSyan is trying to tell you the motivation, I give you the simple math behind it. Weapon collection folders need around 3 EQ to be done. Eggs need around 5. I'm talking about the last EQ. Consider that every EQ (and difficulty at wich you complete them) gives you different percentage of completion.

To put it even simpler, here's a numeric example: if every EQ you do gives you points for doing it, weapon folders need 100 point to complete the EQ part, while eggs folders need 150.

And if you're wondering why this is different, check @HarmlessSyan answer to understand the motivation. You need only one egg to hatch a pet, and than you can level it up with different eggs. But you need 6 weapons of the same type to enhance that specific weapon to a +35 grind cap.

Easy as it is

How can someone complain about having to do a handful of missions to get a guaranteed egg? Some time ago you had to drop 14* eggs.

@Kobaltium well shit so what your saying is that the amount of Urgent Quest is needing to complete it is much much more than weapon? if so then why tf would them folks just be saying oh you need to do this and that?

@Rida how tf am i complaining about it? i was wondering why does the percentage goes so slowly all ya been saying is oh cause of this and that and had nothing to do with my question. is it that hard to just say that the amount of percentage of doing urgent quest for egg is a lot smaller than what you'll get for weapon?????

damn ya made it hella hard to understand it would've been really simple to just say the amount of percentage you get for doing urgent quest is a lot smaller than what you'll get for weapon.

@xyoob_vaj There was just a misunderstanding, because they were trying to tell you the motivation without telling you the simple math, because it looks obvious to people already used to it.

But in simple term, for people who are still not used to it, as I said yes, you need to clear more EQs for Eggs folder than the amount you need to clear weapons folder. Based on my experience with the last EQ, as I mentioned, you need 5 EQs on UH vs the 3 you need for weapon folders (but remember that every EQ and every difficulty give you different percentages of completion)

@Kobaltium 👍 i had a hard time understanding this concept as i am still fairly new to the game a month at the most that i've been playing, and to them folks who's had much much more experience ya need to make it more simple term for new players