Is the server down?

I can't log on. What gives?

The server is up, but I've been hearing of a lot of login troubles as of late for many people.

MS Store, Steam, or EGS.

If it is MS Store, open MS Store and make sure the XBOX app and Gaming Services are up-to-date. If you have the XBOX Console Companion app, uninstall it. If you don't have the XBOX app, install it.

@BoomBoy said in Is the server down?:

I can't log on. What gives?

if the respective game service (example: Xbox Live) is having issues then PSO2 cannot handshake with that account to fetch your account data and this means you cannot log into the servers since PSO2 needs to be able to communicate with Xbox Live, Steam or Epic in order to find out who you are and where you play in order to find any data attached to your account. Check to see if the respective game service is unavailable currently.

I had to reinstall the game on Steam. Took me around an hour.