Suggestions of Keybinding Improvements for Battles

I am a new player and I've been really enjoying the game. I believe a small tweak on controls would greatly improve battles:

  • an option for binding skills to specific keys other than the number row would allow them to be used with a single press without the need to scroll through the bottom bar. For instance, I would like to be able to use my first skill by pressing 'Q' on the keyboard.

there is an option to do that i think its "call up sub palette" you can cycle it from 1-0 key using F,G,H im not sure but its 2 among those and have a certain key to activate i set mine to R, i also have Q binded for dodge action, single tap dodge key on kb can be a game changer, instead of double tap W,A,S,D on a few melee class i played 1 tap dodge can do stuff double taps cant, like lusters offensive dodges which deal good dps and volt accumulation you can spam aerial without landing, and PA cancelling on some class Etoile for example using sb you can spam vertical flow which summons 2 blades is guided and deal a good damage, here is a video me practicing it sorry for bad quality.