Security Suggestion

Can we please have an Authentication system before logging in, for extra security. Players who have invested time and money into this game would love that option for extra security.

The only way to access your PSO2 account, is via the account you linked, be it via Steam, Epic, and Microsoft's Xbox Live respectively. Those already have two factor authentication, and if someone were to gain access to any of those accounts, you'd lose access to your PSO2 account regardless. Having this Authentication added would be rendered moot, because you likely wouldn't get either of those accounts back. Sure, it would be useless for the account thief, but you still wouldn't have your access, and would still lose out on the money and time you sunk into the game. And your card information would still need to be secured. I personally think that's a wasted effort, as I don't see the value in adding security rendered moot over my aforementioned stolen accounts. If you aren't securing those properly in the first place, besides the fact you'd lose access to the PSO2 account in question, they'd likely also be able to break passed your authentication.

@Anarchy-Marine While that is true, there is never such a thing as "too much security" if one measure fails there is another in place. To rely on the security of a 3rd party instead of providing one to us like the JP server has, is too irresponsible if its how they wish to protect us. For they have no control or power over another companies authentication, who is to say steam wont have a data breach tomorrow? nothing. But if PSO2 had a security measure in place I won't have to worry about that.

@KOS-MO still gonna be useless, if you lose your steam/epic/microsoft account you simply lose the access to the game so having or not another layer of security won't do anything, also Japan has their own second factor because Sega handles the account there, because they don't need to handle it in global they leave to the companies to do that.

@Jamesmor Losing one 3rd party account doesn't lose your PSO2 account. If I lost my steam account I could still log into PSO2 through Microsoft. So again there isn't any protection on the game itself. Only through other 3rd parties.

@KOS-MO Yeah, but you'd of had to have pre-linked all of your accounts for that to work, and given the terrible issues PC users had with Microsoft, most waited for a steam release. You can't access your account via a Microsoft account if you lost your Steam account, as you'd have had to still have access to your steam account to receive the linkage key provided in game. That's actually a major headache people were running into when they were trying to transfer from a Microsoft to a Steam account. Again, you'd be permanently locked out of the account.

And yes, there is a thing as too much security. My brother's friend got permlocked out of his Guild Wars 2 account because he moved, and got a new PC, and because his IP address had changed, they locked him out of his own account. I personally almsost got locked out of my own Microsoft account years ago, because two factor authentication was switching from a choice, to mandatory, and Microsoft hadn't bothered informing anyone of the change back when they implemented it. The security you have now is fine. If someone manages to break through it, it's because you weren't being careful in the first place. You didn't take the steps necessary to secure your third party accounts, which aren't third party if that's where you primarily buy your games from, if you were thinking about this with any reasonable logic.

@Anarchy-Marine Most of those issues are user based issues. Plenty of people play on microsoft or steam or Epic only. You dont need a linkage key because this game is owned and operated by Sega not steam. Linkage is only so your steam account is linked with your Sega account. Your sega account also links with microsoft. I never had to do any linkage key when I started playing PSO2 on steam from Microsoft, See where im getting at. Its all Sega in the end. It doesn't matter again what 3rd party is running the software. We care about in-game protections and authentication. The security we have now is "NOT" fine. we literally have a PIN on the market before we can access it yet we can make one for logging in? So again I'm not taking the excuse of "if one fails it all fails" no. I can tell you never played the JP PSO2 because on that platform there is already an authentication system in place for a reason. And yes JP PSO2 is on every platform + more than we have including PSP, SWITCH, MOBILE, PS4 and what we have. So again no excuses. Its already implemented on the main flagship region for a reason no reason for it not to be implemented here. And I will reiterate, having SEGA rely on STEAM or any 3rd party for security or protection is completely irresponsible on them. They have a duty to protect us from hackers, and any kind of illegal's access. Sorry if "you" dont like it or don't want it because of past experiences with that kind of system before. But don't throw everybody else under the bus because you can't comprehend the significance of "multilayer security".

You 100% DO NOT have a SEGA account AT ALL on global. They are handled solely by the third party you use to log-in. Even when logging in here, you don't actually have a SEGA account..

@Ragnawind You are 100% incorrect. If that was true how are we able to play on the same account on multiple platforms? Again 1 SEGA account MULTIPLE log-in 3rd party platforms.

@KOS-MO said in Security Suggestion:

@Ragnawind You are 100% incorrect. If that was true how are we able to play on the same account on multiple platforms? Again 1 SEGA account MULTIPLE log-in 3rd party platforms.

It is a link to each other, not into a separate account

@KOS-MO said in Security Suggestion:

@Ragnawind You are 100% incorrect. If that was true how are we able to play on the same account on multiple platforms? Again 1 SEGA account MULTIPLE log-in 3rd party platforms.

you are complete wrong there, Sega accounts are SEGA ID, in global we don't have SEGA ID accounts that's also why we don't have access to JP or vice versa also global server is in the Asure servers that are handled by Microsoft so global accounts by base are Microsoft accounts, the share link is to share the same account with different platforms using the same server.

@Jamesmor @Ragnawind You both are completely and utterly wrong. And I will shut you both down right now with 1 simple example. I break the Terms of service one way or another, who is going to ban me. Steam? No Microsoft? No. No Sega will because my account is owned by Sega. They link to the main sega account. If you get your steam account banned your pso2 account wont be banned. If I had my microsoft account banned my pso2 account wont be banned. So again. 1 Sega account MULTIPLE log in platforms.

Oh and that doesn't even matter. That doesn't mean anything to my concern. Again in-game authentication system like the JP server already has for more protection. Everything else is irrelevant.

@KOS-MO yeah no servers have a structure called account server that is the one that manages your account access so when a account is created is there where it resides, however Sega is NOT creating a account there is just getting the data from the other platforms and only manages the access so when you violate the ToS they block your access via the account server

also you are wrong in thinking you keep your account if your access to a certain platform is removed, they will block your access to PSO2 there are cases of people who got their Steam account suspended from suspected transactions and ended losing their PSO2 accounts.

and related to security again another authentication after your account is being invaded is useless, the person could just delete your account and you will still lose everything, authentication only work before the account is invaded, after that they won't do anything.

@Jamesmor As someone who speaks from experience. I know how these things work already. So I won't entertain incorrect information. And it completely once again irrelevant to my reason for this topic. Give us in game authentication protection just like JP server. End of story. Nothing more to discuss. That is my request. Anything else is irrelevant and everything you're saying is incorrect. And will remain as such until a literally GM comes into this thread and corrects me or says otherwise. 👍