Reset All Skills Pass

When will these be available? I really borked my initial skills and would like to respec to something a little more cohesive. Or am I just blind and not see them if they are available?

They will probably give us some eventually. But until then you'd have to wait or buy a new skill tree

@redPG If you buy a skill tree can you reset it as many times as you wish? Or would we need to wait for a free skill tree reset pass?

No you can't reset it multiple times unless you had more than one reset pass.

For example they just gave us some reset passes few days ago I guess. I haven't logged in on NA in about a week or so. But at the viziphone there was a pass waiting for me. I have 12 characters so I was able to get 12 passes.

They usually give them when a new class comes or balance changes to a class. So be careful they aren't frequent.

@redPG Thanks for the info, I checked on my second character and he had one too! Would never have thought to check him.

PSO2 Launched to NA PC on May 27th. They only gave Reset Skill Passes to People with characters with the Requirements of "Having created a character on PSO2 NA prior to the beginning of maintenance on 5/26."

Any Idea when they'll hand out Reset Skill Passes to people who made their characters on the PC servers after this Date?

It will most likely be when they add the other classes to the game.

They add them every now and then from events, ive gotten 6 total from having 3 characters.

@redPG dude thank you for that suggestion! I didnt think to check my storage alts and messed up my tree after using the episode 4 reset

so like everyone else said you can't get those passes too often. however, there is another workaround if you already have a second tree for any class. you can use the "Move Skill Tree" function to literally "Move it" nowhere and it will reset that tree. i.e. I moved my "Techter Skill Tree 02" to "Techter" and even though the tree essentially went nowhere, the system still counts it and will reset the tree. The only thing is this will cost you 100SG and this only works on "extra" skill trees (2,3,4,etc.)


Huge thanks @Nullsan for that information on using "Move Skill Tree" it helped me out loads .. finally found a way to reset my skills well kinda lol .. Anyways I didn't mind spending some A.c for this ..

Regards. Daybreaker