Message No.816

I've received a message that says "Your account is currently Suspended If you have any questions, please contact us through the official PS02 website." Well, I obviously have questions and there's no information pertaining to this at all on the site. So any help would be appreciated. For example Why I'm banned, how long, is there an appeal process, things of that nature. I feel after spending so much time and money on a game for them to ban me with zero explanation is more than unfair.

Go here:

Login (you might need to login with a Microsoft Account)> you can then submit a ticket

I submitted a ticket and got an automated response they really need to be more transparent

Still nothing.

@FREAK-x-13 Where are you from? PSO2 global support is in the US and aren't available weekends.

@FANtasyStarOnline its not the weekend its a week day and also i am in the same situation not the only person who has received a false ban

@FREAK-x-13 I'm on the same boat I got a random ban literally 3 hours before pso2 day ultra

You got error 816 give it up.