Issues previewing Fresh Finds items (Female Deuman)

For some reason, some of the items in fresh finds show as "This purchase might contain item(s) that cannot be used by your current character. Are you sure you want to buy it?" on my Deuman character.

This includes the Classic Maid Dress Set, which is odd as the items included in the pack have been in the fresh finds shop seperately and they show correctly on my character. ARKS Duffel Coat F in the featured works as intended.

Today's fresh finds (27/2/2021) will not allow me to preview Emote: Dance 37 because the same message is showing.

For the Recommended Item Sets (ie. the ones that have a costume and accessories/hairstyles bundled together), it will always show that warning no matter what race/gender you are. The reason that ARKS Duffel Coat F doesn't show it is because it is just the costume with no other items included in the purchase.

For Emotes, the warning only pops up if you already have bought and registered it from an earlier Fresh Finds rotation (Dance 37 first showed up in Fresh Finds on July 6, 2020). This is more than likely done because there is no indication of whether or not you have already registered an Emote in the Item Description box like there is with other cosmetic tickets.

In either case, if you hit "Yes", it doesn't actually purchase it, rather it will allow you to see the preview, like so: