collection folder items

so ive been looking everywhere and things are still outdated. im trying to get eggs, but the one that takes the longest is the parfaits. i know that you cant just buy it and instantly complete it. it has to drop. any idea if the parfait items drop and if so where? im particularly interested in the luxurious parfait.

Just look at your collection sheets and do the task for the meters, once each meter fills you get that listed item, and when all are complete you get the collection folder item

Parfaits are filled by doing Urgent Quests or using trigger versions of Urgent Quests. I believe the higher the difficulty you do the quest, the faster it fills. You could do like 4 Butcher of Light (Profound Darkness) triggers and it should fill real quick. Or UQ that can be repeated multiple times like Armada.

alright thanks for the reply