@GM-Deynger said in Can we have more transparency in global pertaining what is next in updates or a road map at least?:

Hello everyone! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. While we are closing in on parity, this information will be helpful for the developers moving forward, and it will be shared.


I don't use twitter, and I don't watch the ARKS hour ( I miss it due to work or other priorities). I was very spoiled by the Bumped Fan site when i played JP for 8 years, and we don't have as much as an effort compared to JP to parse information to be easily found on what's to come or what we're missing. Clear dates on upcoming stuff would be nice as as a whole it hurts the game in Global andmany players I know just left and are waiting on NGS as no new information is available.

Having more than one source for said information will be great moving forward.