Can we have more transparency in global pertaining what is next in updates or a road map at least?

I was a player for the Japanese version for most of its lifespan before going to global and in global, no one knows what is next for updates to getting parity or anything until the day of that weeks maintenance and patch.

In the JP version, we got news of whats next at least a week in advance. And fan sites like, Bumped always got the info out and translated.

I do not expect even by NGS launch we'll get the updates for that same week as it will take time to translate the content etc and push it out bug free.

Is there anything legal or anything stopping you at MS or the global team form at least putting out pre-patch info? Unless it allows player to manipulate markets or something. JP never had problems with this unless it was revival of cosmetic items.

Just saying when we're getting the graphic update or a certain UQ that is in EP 6 will be nice. Thanks!

We don't really get a roadmap anymore because we are practically caught up with JP, except on scratch items and those they normally can't give an estimate on due to licensing and other restrictions. At this point, they are probably waiting on NGS before starting a roadmap or anything again for Global

The most recent roadmap we had on the global was unfortunately from about a year ago (back in June of 2020 if I recall) which described the Episodes 4-6 (Episode 6 Part 1) that detailed having the Phantom released by the end of the year. However, our roadmap ended up being condensed slightly (Episode 6 came with the Phantom and Etoile simultaneously) and since then we have not had a roadmap that I know of that described the rest of Episode 6's content or the upcoming content that the Japanese version has had. As far as I know New Genesis is still slated for a Spring 2021 release for the global version but we have not had any information about how the global version will handle it other than to see demonstrations and videos from the Japanese side (to which I am not convinced that we are getting "that" version considering the differences in the global version).

Hard to have a concrete roadmap atm since they are busy with NGS. All you should know atm is that PSO2: NGS is coming out in about 3 months or less (so I rather have SEGA 100% working on that than worrying about the community atm, Blue Protocol is going to be their hot competitor as well!); don't really need a roadmap for that; akin to what Vanilla says as well. All that's left for PSO2 is The Primodorial Darkness (Sodam), Cras Weapons, Divide 30-35, and then the engine update!

At least tell us what dates we get these last few core updates...including the Engine update.

Is Divide 30-35 the same update that puts the Earth camos into the drop table? I hope they don't hold that back for too long since I heard the drop rates are abysmal.

Here, I'll help. As far as essential non-cosmetic stuff, i.e. the main game NOT scratch or other stuff, we have ONE update left and we'll be completely caught up. The next update is the final boss of the game, also featured in the Episode 6 finale. No need for a roadmap, we're at the destination.

There's more than that though, there's also Cataclysm, Divide 31-35 and a new solo Ultimate quest.

There's also other things we could be getting such as the Burning Rangers collab content and the 20th PSO anniversary event.

With things like the graphics update and screenshot studio on JP, when will we be getting those?

Road map for what? Game died until NGS.

For you, maybe. There's still plenty of people playing and enjoying the game while waiting for NGS. Your mileage may vary.

I'm still collecting meseta for phashions to go into NGS with.

The game has just begun!

@Doom-Smack PSO2 is more than 8 years old, the story is already finished, in the JP version there's no signs of any new areas or new enemies coming in the future. Once the EN version finishes catching up to the JP version, it's unlikely that PSO2 will be getting any more major updates (small updates are still likely to happen, at least for some time).

The major updates are gonna be focused on NGS once it releases.

Why? We're like one major patch away from being the same as JP.

Sorry to say, but the content for pso2 is pretty much dried up. Sega didn't release a road map of content for pso2 JP because they're focusing on NGS.

Essentially this PSO2 is done.

But there's is no dates for the graphic update or anything that is left. They won't even tell us what is on 3/3 and just a stupid set of campaigns instead. Its just really bad leaving us in the dark every week. If we are to be delayed, just say so.