When we're caught up will there more cosmetics coming to NA that JP already has?

So after we get caught up which I am expecting by this upcoming Wednesday's maintenance; I wonder if we will still get more anime collaborations with AC and if we will get more Voice tickets other than the PSO-comic ones.

Even if we cannot get anime collab voices (some VOs like Fukuyuma & Ryohei) seemed very supportive of their work entering more platforms and some have even expressed that with engagements between fans. On the topic of anime collabs, we barely even started and with the recent space battleship yamato I assume there is more to come. I just wonder if this will continue after we have caught up with JP in terms of content. I personally want the "Irregular at Magic Highschool" collab because I like the Tatsuya hairstyle that I rock on my profile pic but I do not think we would get it before NGS drops on NA.

What do you think? You think we will continue to get more collabs and possibly a voice scratch after we have caught up with PSO2JP or no?

No idea, it is something to think about; but with NGS coming, I doubt vanilla PSO2 will see continued AC scratches since that would mean SEGA has to double their team size. However, since we live in a capitalist society, I don't see that happening. We may just only get new NGS scratches once the engine update rolls out and no older AC scratches like JP. This means SEGA will do it's best to release vanilla PSO2 scratches until NGS arrives (so whatever we get is probably the last time we'll see the old AC stuff unless SEGA just releases all vanilla PSO2 scratch banners and then NGS gets the new scheduled fashion scratches, but I'm not sure).

JP already stated that old AC Scratches will not get the new gahca draw loot box mechanic graphical revamp.

I think this means that NGS AC Scratches will be added in addition to PSO2 reruns, even for Global.

I hope so. I really want my Tatsuya hairstyle (coincidentally I sold one last month on jp for 600m meseta lol). Like my profile pics hair (Tatsuya) imo is the best hairstyle for male characters (for now).