VR UQ woes

The end boss is too small I can't even see her most of the time cause of all the visual PA clutter. x) also her BS one shot attack is a pain when you don't have sound enabled or playing in JP voices

TLDR put final boss on stilts

My issue with it is that all this time I've had only ONE run that finished with a full retinue, and that was one of only two S-rank finishes I've had. One cannot slack if you want S in this one, and people keep losing connection. I've finished one run with only 7 people remaining of the 12.

Don't like this stop hiting mechanic, on story my pet literally burned her to death on hardcore without even see this one time, but on UQ it happens too often, turning this fight into a more time consuming than it should be, as this bos isnt hard to kill.

I only play with japanese audio too so I don’t know what line to listen for, I just try to look for visual clues but it would be nice to know what line it was.

On story mission, if you dont use rykross staff and your mag dont attack you are immune to Shiva's hit kill, probably because the game dont consider the pet attack as you attacking the boss, so the hit kill wont trigger and you can attack her freely, im starting to understand why i didnt see that hit kill until i played UQ with another class lol

Despite the clutter you can see her stuff enough. Her audio clue is soft on purpose, it's a trap. Do the fight enough times and you should get a feel for what lines aren't her instant kill and what the animation build up to it is. There's actually a few seconds you have time to get away but you do have to be paying attention to when she moves and when there's a pause and which red circle around her it is. It's a git gud moment and for the most part you can still be rezed if you derp.

I found a trick to avoid the timestop kill and couple of others, I have a hard time with audio cues since I keep my distance from Shiva and I have a loud weapon (since I main a ranger), and like every one else its hard to see this attack directly due to the hit numbers and particle effects, but if you watch the floor below Shiva's feet you can tell when this nasty attack is coming, along with several other ones. (Also for anyone using long range attacks, do your best to maintain target lock for this trick to work)

If you see a small red field below Shiva or where you have target lock, HOLD YOUR ATTACK IF YOU CAN! This is the timestop kill, luckily your Mag can still attack and you will be unharmed, also from what I got from an alliance member summoner pet will trigger the timestop, but if their HP is way above the owner's, they can tank the kill trigger.

A large red field just means get out of it as quickly as possible, that is a massive damage attack.

Now if you get pulled in towards Shiva, hold your Photon Blast to block this attack, then continue the fight as normal, good thing she only does this vortex grab once.

You know what's funny? I don't even know what the shield thing is supposed to look like or what animation there is that warning you about it, as there is the good ol' zerg surrounding her when she decides to use it. Got hit by it once, survived somehow, and i'm still none the wiser for it. Reminds me of GW2 meta events. The difference is that the bosses ARE giants, it just doesn't help as all player attacks generate some light show that blinds everyone, exacerbated by the massive amount of people participating. If there is an audio cue, well that's too bad, as i have no intrest in listening to any of the ingame sounds.

So I don’t fully understand why but I literally haven’t died to that attack despite being distracted irl and falling for it a few times. I get stuck with the blades, then...nothing? People are usually dead around me and I’m fine. Any ideas? I play DS Etoile if that helps, am I somehow blocking this..?

@Milk I think Etoile Will is saving you, since that is a main class skill that works like the Hunter's Iron Will, except the Etoile one works once per quest and is a guarantied KO blocker, where the Hunter passive has a chance to work, but can trigger multiple times.

I know when I use my Hunter sub on The Profound Darkness UQ, I wind up surviving Gemini's walls even though I'm not lined up with the open spot or the gates most of the time, because of Iron Will.

@Milk said in VR UQ woes:

I get stuck with the blades, then...nothing?

That could have been because you were out of range. After her shield is gone she teleports to one of the people who attacked her and if you're to far away then you won't take any damage.

@Milk Are you actually taking damage though? You could be iframing through it. Etoile has both iframes and guard frames during various attacks. Alternatively, maybe you're just facetanking it due to the extra reduction on DS.




Thanks for the ideas, guys! I don’t seem to be taking any damage, like my bar isn’t depleting and then refilling like I died. I don’t recover health afterwards, my last trip up I was at half health and then afterwards was still at half health.

As DS I’m usually in range of the attack which my husband found strange. He noticed I had my guard up when it happened last time so his idea was that minuscule(but instant) second I guarded, it nullified the attack? I’m not sure.

All I know is I find it strange! I have died before and been instant revived (Empty bar then full again) via Etoile Will but this didn’t look like that.

@Milk Etoile's double saber has an automatic high damage resistance mechanic. The double saber focus bar is divided in 3 parts, if you have at least one part filled, an enemy attack will do alot less damage at the cost of 1 of those focus parts.

Just be careful with her when she starts rising into the sky cause it most likely means she is going to do the counter barrier attack. So if she starts rising up then stop hitting her or suffer death. Otherwise there is a voice line to listen for but will attempt to show it later least for JP voices.