Concerns regarding Rivalate Keys and S-augment accessibility...

Now, let it be said that I don't mind working for things. I'm actually grinding 800 titles right now... But having missed all the limited-time freebie (campaign/mission pass) Rivalate keys... Having to grind 800 titles or 100,000,000 divide quest points as your only options is a bit much considering Global's hyper-compressed release schedule. I don't mind the weapons themselves being limited, but when Rivalate is your only option for obtaining specific S-augments (and often very desirable, weapon-defining ones at that) something needs to give.

My proposal would be to either add a one-time, but permanent, exchange for a single Rivalate key to Zig/Rising badge shop, to mirror the one that JP has... or add all the S-augments exclusive to Rivalate to the Rising Weapons badge shop so people can still obtain them for Puras/Steel/other S5-capable weps. TBH I'd prefer the latter, so people can actually, yknow, use all the Rivalates they do have instead of feeling like they have to leave one unused just so they can farm its S5s out to other weapons.

While I do agree there should be an exchange for a 1 time Eternistone, Amphirite & Key Rivalate I feel like it should be for the Unique Weapons Badge Shop & on that note include it (the Unique Weapons Badge) in Photon Booster Shop similar to the JP's SP Badge in theirs. It does also drop in several Urgents on UH despite its low drop rate.

Regarding the S5s Sega has hinted at a new weapon series, if its the one I think it is, it will have the Rivalate's S5 SAFs.

I was curious if jp got more riv keys and stones, since it was out longer over there. In my time playing global, I have never seen the eternistone or trailblazer fragment on the drop log. So while the chance is there, no one that actually needs them is going to get them. They really need to do something about the drops in these games, even aside from rivalate keys. Something like the tickets for scratches, where running it so many times let's you pick something, or like the medals in the game already, just have them be useful for all kinds of things from that mission, not just one item you only need 4 of. I don't mind doing stuff, but I want things from the stuff I can use. Not just ex cube fodder and weapons it costs more to identify than they are worth lol

Yeah, JP did get access to more Riv keys & stones. through a few limited time events the Riv key returned for: The 2020 anniversary event cost x200 2020 badges, 8th anniversary x750 8th anniv. badges & in this year's 2021 anniversary event all the the stone were brought back for 2021 badges varying from x200 badges (Eternistone) to the (Powerstone) x600.

*Note for 2020 Anniv. & 8th Anniv. Only the Riv Key was available in these Exchanges. Road To EP6 was only an Eternistone, Road to Etoile was only an Amphirite, Road to Luster was Amphirite & Riv Key.

All these events limited purchase to 1, additionally Zig has a limited x1 exchange for Eternistone, Amphirite, & Rivalate for Crests - A material that gets distributed via rainbow keys, Various UQs (UH) & 6 weekly goals for x10 each.

It should be noted however, these Crests were replaced by Rising Badge 5 in Global. The weapons of such Crest exchanges in JP were broken between Rising Badge 5 & Unique Badge Shop in Global.

Like global, JP also got the Stones through Mission Pass & for events such as Road To Episode 6, Road To Etoile, & Road To Luster. However for such Road To events, the JP had to earn the weapon, material by material through various tasks such as: Clear certain urgent quests 8~12 times, clearing 30 daily arks quests, completing certain COs like Party Practice I & II, clear 8 recommended quests A+, & even clearing 5 floors of Masq.

Road to Episode 6 March 20th, 2019 ~ April 24th, 2019 | Road To Etoile November 20th, 2019 ~ December 18th, 2019

2020 Anniv. January 8th, 2020 ~ February 5th, 2020 | 8th Anniv. July 21st, 2020 ~ August 5th, 2020

Road to Luster August 26th, 2020 ~ September 30th, 2020 | 2021 Anniv. March 3rd, 2021 ~ March 31st, 2021