Story or leveling?

Will you guys be watching all the cutscenes or focusing on leveling during the beta? I skipped most of the story when I played the JP version so I think I'll be paying attention this time around but I want to make sure I can complete the urgent quests over the course of the beta. Hope to team up with some of you on ship 1!

When launch comes for us PC users, I'll be doing cut-scenes mostly, I'll probably grind levels between story segments however.

@oldColdReactive Yeah I think for the beta I'll be focusing on leveling since they have urgent quests you need to complete for the unique rewards. If I remember correctly the story battles have a hard mode so I should be able to save those for the full release, and focus on leveling for the CBT

Probably leveling.

The most important part of the CBT is testing the functionality of the port for XBOX and making sure the systems are working properly.

So immuh try and at least partially level every class to see if it switches properly and all that jazz.

I must say I recommend the Story segments, so try to catch a few. 😉

@GM-Deynger said in Story or leveling?:

I must say I recommend the Story segments, so try to catch a few. 😉

Don't worry. I plan to. I've always watched cut-scenes in every MMORPG, including free to plays, to judge how well made they are, how the dialogue is, and presentation.

Leveling because of the short time frame we have.

You need to unlock areas in order to progress the story, so first step is do everything Cofy says.

Story, I can grind when it comes out on PC.

I'm going to be just enjoying the storyline and making sure to do all the Urgent Quests.

I have plans to do a mix of both i want to hit at least lvl 30+ and finish a good amount of episode 1. hope to see some of you guys on ship 2!