Can we possible get this weapon added to Global? or maybe in Camo form.


Can we please get this, please ???

I need it to active my trap card. (with talis pose.)

(red variant preview)

alt text alt text

Image from Swiki:レッドデュエルゲイズ

funny you mention the Duel Gaze, it came up a few months ago in where the camo *Duel Gaze TCG (*デュエルゲイズTCG) UIItem*DuelGazeTCG.png was also brought up.

Really does look like a dual disk doesn't it? BTW the "* Shirojira Obana" is essentially a Christmas themed dual disk so there's that.

that is true & shouldn't be that hard to get as it drops from Tagami Kazuchi (Lv. 1+), but there's the nostalgic design the Duel Gaze series has that can't really compare to the *Shirojira Obana or *Beniobana (*ベニオバナ)

It should be noted however, you'll find no such luck finding the *Duel Gaze TCG (*デュエルゲイズTCG) on the Swiki, since they never covered the TCG Memory Exchange.