Hi, I'm janejana on Ship 3. I have some scratch items I don't really need, so I figure I'd offer them up here before turning them into Recycle Badges. Pricing on the player shop is wonky everywhere so pretty much send me an offer (1 million minimum--recycle badges are 1.2 mil) and I will probably accept. Thanks for looking!

ARKS Last Stand Scratch:

  • Rhys Remodel [Ou] (Black)
  • Combat Jacket M [Ou] x2 - one black, one white

Older Scratch Tickets:

  • Ganache Ribbon Bowtie
  • Divine Queen's Headdress B
  • Aurora's Attire: Snow (no star gems)
  • Pop La Sorcery F: Shadow (no star gems)
  • Sakura Amamiya's Outfit (no star gems)
  • Viola Flow [Ou] (red, no star gems)

Will update list as I'm doing a lot of inventory cleaning atm 🙂 Thanks for looking!