Is there a better way to handle unusable 15* drops? This needs a solution/options.

(note: this is a present tissue but NGS is still being built out, maybe we can influence the team on how to handle this in the future.)

First i totally understand why these are not tradeable. Thats not the issue. The issue is a just got a 15* summoner drop and a dupe of another, and...well...theres nothing* i can do with it. (besides make them into a perm camo). They are hard enough to come by and too valuable to just toss in the trash.

Is there some kind of system that the game can introduce to 'trade in' your 15*drops at least for valuable parts? I dont want to toss this summoner weapon, but i dont play summoner at all, and wont ever.

SO theres got to be something to reward the player that managed to get one of these rares.

You can desynthesize fifteen star weapons in your Personal Quarters' crafting menu to get resources from them that you can sell on the Player Shops for a profit or hold onto in order to build other desirable fifteen star weapons like the Rivalate series of weapons or to stock up on resources for category changing other weapons you do have and like.

the only things you can do with fodder 15 star weapons is use then for enhance another weapon, dismantle it or exchange it for cubes, they can also be used for affixing if they have a good augment but harmonizers cannot be used for that.


thanks for the input. Since rivalte has already been surpassed, would this help with any other 15* weps?

Holding onto all these parts is horrible since space is at a premium. I have to get rid of over 500 items just to be able to have space for photoner mission drops (and stop paying for premium already, argh)


Hmmm. Not great options considering the cost just to use it for affixing. Excuse my ignorance but you woudl have to get it to 35 and then use a fodder to strip the affix and then go through that whole pony show? I may never ever go that far with affizing, its just to expensive compare to affix passes.

@ARKHAM-CANNON only if you want to transfer the weapon augment that is unlocked only at 35, if you want to use the other augments the weapon has you don't need to reach 35, after all not all weapon augments are worth it.


Yeah I only got as far as upslotting to 4/5 so i can swap affixes cheaply. I dont know what receptors do.

Dim and basilisk weps drop with TONS of high stat and high number of slots, so im now saving and transferring those over to weps. For units, im simply giving everyone novel or the 13* shevelle units that have dropped and calling it a day.

I know i could be doing more or hunker down and learn more, but i have 5 chars that are actively maintained, its just a hassle to give time to it this bizzare system.

Desynth them and hold onto the materials cause you will need them in a short while.

I'm breaking down low augment slot 14*-15* weapons so I can make Klauzment weapons, I recommend others start doing this since you will need a lot of Plamia/Plamdest/Plamgrimo (depending on weapon type) and Diard. Also start breaking down low slot 13*-14* weapons for Emerard.

Depending on the number of augments, it can be used as augment fodder if the SAF is decent, or something you want/need on another weapon.