@Matt said in I'm willing to bet the SG support scratch is next week:

SG income is about the same as JP, if not more [snip] Only major thing that affects SG income is the Fresh Finds shop

And the lack of over three literal years of that similar income due to how the SG scratches have been compressed from 4½ years to about 1. And how the manner of that compression halves the pull rate of everything in the SG scratches so those cost more. And Fresh Finds can't be understated since JP players got those items for meseta.

JP players who got everything they wanted from what to them was nine main 26-week scratches are going to be swimming in Star Gems compared to Global players going into New Genesis. They haven't had an SG scratch with new content since January and thanks to the last maintenance cycle giving them 660 as an apology for the graphics update being delayed (over here we'd get a Triboost +100%) they've got even more than what they've already been naturally saving up.

I seriously worry that New Genesis is going to start with an SG scratch balanced around the amount JP players will have built up, which will make it completely unaffordable for Global players who will still be struggling to pay for Versus Annihilation and perhaps even Astral Guardians at that point in time.