Costumes/Outerwear-- where are the pants/bottoms?

IE I wantto buy the Rhys costume, but its only the top. I dont see any itmes that put graphics on my legs and feet.

The Rhys Remodel [Ou] is supposed to be paired with the Rolf Remodel [Ba].

thnx-- how -- so you can wear 2 outer leyredoutfits and it will show one top and one bottom?

is there a link to what all these fashions look like? so i can find a top and bottom thant pair well? rhys and rold is not too good.

Rolf needs to do squats and leg press

this is the biggest list you can find

keep in mind that is not fully updated so the recent AC and SG tickets are not there, also don't consider the outerwear like a top, they are more like jackets, basewears mostly cover the entire body of the character.

Layer wear is 3 parts, outer, base, and inner. Outer is like a coat o anything that goes on top of clothes. Base is the actual main outfit that is worn underneath. Inner is basically the underwear.