Phantasy Star Classic AC Scratch is here!!

Yeah some PSO2 characters are also present, but the real appeal of this set is it's finally the classic series outfits everyone had been asking for for months.

Phantasy Star II


  • Rolf Remodel [Ba]
  • Rolf Hair
  • Nei Sword RF

I believe this is the first time Rolf's name has been referred to by a Phantasy Star game since Phantasy Star II; this is interesting because his name was changed from Eusis in localisation to English. The listing of this scratch set confirms the PSO2 translation team were aware of the 1990 localisation and kept faithful to it. He also appeared in the mobile game Sega Heroes, with the same localisation. Decent consistency here!

Despite the name, the Nei Sword is Rolf's endgame weapon. During the game it is described as glowing to dispel evil, a characteristic shared by Alis' Laconium Sword and Elsydeon from Phantasy Star IV. The latter is shown to its protagonist to house the spirits of the heroes from I and II, so it has been speculated that the three swords are at least connected if not the same (though with some contrary evidence such as the non-endgame laconium swords available in shops in both II and IV).


  • Nei Remodel [Ba]
  • Nei Remodel [In]
  • Nei Hair

Phantasy Star III


  • Rhys Remodel [Ou]
  • Rhys Hair
  • Rhys Paint

Since Rhys' design in III was not too distinct to Rolf's, the PSO2 team have combined the looks and made the extras on Rhys' outfit into outerwear parts and body paint. The hairstyle is identical except lacking Rolf's hairband.


  • Nei Claw RF

Despite the name, Nei has never used a weapon called the Neiclaw. The endgame weapons for every character in Phantasy Star II were all named Nei weapons, with differing explanation, but Nei herself didn't get one and the last weapons she could use were Laser Claws (condensed LASR BAR in localisation). In the PlayStation 2 budget remake she did receive an endgame weapon from musk cats but it was called the Animal Claw, a likely reference to the weapon from Nei's text adventure telling the story of how Rolf met Nei.

The first weapon named Nei Claw is from Phantasy Star Online; two weapons used that name. Both of those, and subsequent appearances in the series, are two-blade claws and that form has already appeared in PSO2 with the PC launch reward weapon camo Nei Claw / Nacht. The claw from this scratch is instead a three-bladed claw, which is arguably more faithful as Nei's attack animation in II shows three slashes. It also bears more resemblance to artwork depicting Nei herself in other media such as this one from Segagaga:


Edit: @_Flux_ caught that the Nei Claw does exist in the classic series as the endgame weapon of Mieu.

Phantasy Star IV


  • Rika Remodel [Ou]
  • Rika's Choker

Like Rhys with Rolf, Rika reuses Nei's layered wear and hair which in some ways is a nice touch given they are the series' original two newmans (numans). Her signature cape becomes the outerwear and her choker becomes an accessory. Notably her distinct black ear tips cannot be replicated in PSO2; probably this is beyond the capability of body paint or face variants. Unlike Rhys, her outfit is differently-coloured to Nei's, meaning a Rika look will require the black variants of Nei Remodel [Ba] and {In].

This scratch is the first reference to Rika since Phantasy Star Universe, which had a 13★ weapon called Falclaw using the literal translation of her Japanese name Fal. The weapon is almost identical in appearance to Rika's Claw, a 10★ claw from Phantasy Star Online, and the lighning abilities (PSO) or materials (PSU) are a likely reference to Thunder Claw, one of Rika's midgame claw weapons. TLDR Universe used her literal translation and Online 2 has reverted that to keep consistency with the original games like Alis and Rolf.


@Miraglyth idk I still feel this new scratch is pretty underwhelming overall. Although to me it feels like the last few also feel underwhelming which probably has more to do with how butchered all the scratches are in general compared to the JP version.

The funny thing is lots of Twitter folk who've been asking for this for months are celebrating now. A full third of the top-level responses are about the classic outfits, making it the most-discussed part of the scratch. And they're not even in the trailer video. That's saying something.

A selection of those:

Finally the (global) Nei is upon us. My PSO2 fashion aspirations will finally be fulfilled. The wallet may not make it - but it's sacrifice will not be in vain.

(The most-liked reply by some margin)

Missed opportunity for the people that like the old school Phantasy Star, IMO you guys should have highlighted the Rika/Nei remodels, I mean there are plenty of players that play the old school games and !nostalgia reasons!

(The second most-liked reply)

You finally did it. The call back to the old Phantasy Star games. You win sega. Dropping fat stacks on this scratch.


Just going to casually drop in classic Phantasy Star outfits and not even showcase them. Wild. But I'll be shooting for them...

There's like 10-15 others too.

Oh so that’s where they were from! I wasn’t familiar with any of the characters but I like their stuff.

I have no ties with the series before PSO but a lot of this stuff in the scratch looks so pretty and my in game wallet is about to take a hit for the first time in a long time. 😞

@Miraglyth that 2nd most liked is me ^^ lol 2203F9DC-3CEA-4732-B9A6-715A8E8A3316.jpeg here the tweet

@SaviorZero82 said in Phantasy Star Classic AC Scratch is here!!:

@Miraglyth that 2nd most liked is me ^^ lol

Nice use of screenshots there. 👍


Got my Nei all done, to bad I can’t move my ears up

@SaviorZero82 said in Phantasy Star Classic AC Scratch is here!!:

to bad I can’t move my ears up

Advanced Face Customisation > Ears

The (paired) side nodes' vertical axis control ear angle, kind of:


This is their position for the Base Face 01 default (the only one with ears angled up).

I'm pretty sure this is also the default NewmanF Hunter look in character creation also referred to as Sue, the HUnewearl from PSO that referenced Nei and Rika.

It does need SG or a Salon Free Pass, but so does changing hair colour so if you do both at once it's no additional expense.

@Miraglyth omg I can’t believe I didn’t know that >< thanks

Nei Claw comes from Phantasy Star 3; It is Mieu's ultimate weapon.

The explanation given in PS3 is that "Nei is a word of power" and so those weapons were enchanted with that word to become powerful enough to destroy Dark Falz. I'm not sure if it ever had anything to do with Nei herself, or if it was meant to be some background information behind why Nei series numan and the Nei weapons in PS2 existed. But honestly? I forgot PS2 had Nei weapons as well and don't recall if any explanation in that game was given for them.

So glad they finally released this! Wish Alis and Lutz were more faithful to PSI. They need to at least do Wren also, he is practically the star of PS III and IV. Two outfits for 4 legacy characters is not enough! Where is PSV?

To my surprise the stuff I wanted wasn’t too expensive! I’d still like that Nei hair but oof it’s never going to be cheap.

@Master_OrHan I'm honestly surprised at the lack of Wren here. Him, Rolf and Nei are basically the quintessential figures of Phantasy Star-- the human, the numan, the cast-- so it's weird how there's no fashion available to cosplay him alongside this.

Not that I'm complaining about the PS3 representation with Rhys' top (but not his pants?) but Wren should have totally taken priority.