Critical issue with fully updated Windows 10 version 20H2 and GameGuard when playing PSO2

Sega really needs to know that GameGuard is killing critical system processes in Windows 10 and causing routine Blue Screens of Death after about 15-30 minutes of gameplay when it's fully updated on version 20H2. This needs to be fixed ASAP, as I'm far from the only person getting this problem. It would be nice if GameGuard was ditched completely, as it's been proven to be ineffective at stopping cheats/hacks, and it kills programs/processes/services that are essential for a lot of people.

And FYI, it's been more than 10 days since I went to version 20H2. I'd roll back to version 1909 if I could, but that's no longer an option. No, I'm not going through the huge hassle of doing a clean reinstall just to get back to version 1909. From what I understand, Microsoft changed something in the Windows 10 kernel with a recent update and GameGuard is flipping out as a result. Get on that fix! cracks whip

is not only Game Guard giving problems, there are other stuff having issues with the update and is pretty common already, every time Microsoft updates Windows it will break some applications and programs so don't think is only Game Guard that is having Blue Screen other games are suffering with that too.

Supposedly Disabling Core isolation in Device Security and updating Gaming Services in Microsoft Store is helping lots of folks.

@FANtasyStarOnline Checked my Windows security settings and Core Isolation is already as disabled as it can be. MS Store has no further updates. I use the Steam version of PSO2. I uninstalled BitDefender completely, including using their uninstall tool, and switched back to Windows Defender. I made sure to put the PSO2 NA folder under Steam into the exclusion settings as well as the GameGuard folder under it. I would try playing PSO2 with Windows Defender's real time protection off, but it can't be disabled for more than 10 minutes before it turns itself back on. I haven't had this BSOD problem but for roughly a week, and it was working fine with BitDefender active beforehand. So, I'm pretty sure Microsoft did something that happened to break the game, or at least GameGuard.

If you can, you might want to get a picture of the BSOD as well as you can get one with a phone, tablet or actual camera. Having access to what the BSOD actually says can help anyone, including Sega, figure out what is causing it.

The BSOD didn't supply any information on what caused it aside from this stopcode: reference_by_pointer


I'm going say this in here, you should go to command prompt and launch it as administrator, then type in sfc /scannow in the command prompt and press enter then you going to wait abit to finish.

after then see if that can fix the reference_by_pointer BSOD for you.

Somehow, the BSODs appear to have ceased after I got the February cumulative update for Windows 10 20H2. I also switched my antivirus to Kasperksy Security Cloud Free and manually disabled it before starting PSO2. Keeping it off while running PSO2 as well.

Hi guys. Thank you for sharing these issues. Please let me know if there are additional issues that occur surrounding Windows system updates.