Can't Start the Game through Epic

The support ticket I submitted about a week ago has been completely ignored... I'm not getting any response at all from that avenue... so I am hoping that there is someone in the forum that knows how to fix this stupid issue...

All that Epic says is to verify the game. I did that twice now. The game install is fine. It won't let me launch the game through epic.

So I went to the install folder and just started the launcher manually. What does the game do? Tells me it can't log into my epic account.

I have nothing blocking it, as in firewalls and such, It just won't start... Rather frustrating after an 80gb installation.

Does anyone know what the F to do to get the game running???

Make sure all the PSO2 executables are set to run as admin and make sure the epic launcher is set to run as admin. Then, try opening the Epic Launcher and launching the game from there.

@Ragnawind all of those things have been tried already. Literally, seconds after I made this post the devs contacted me and said this is an issue they are tracking... not sure what that means really, but I guess I will just have to wait to play.

start Epic launcher in administrator, differently from Steam Epic launcher doesn't let the application start the administrator requirement unless the launcher has that permission