Client Order not working at all

Client: Risa

That's What Bein' A Ranger is All About

Defeat Big Varder Defeat Snow Banser Defeat Quartz Dragon

Reward +5 Ranger Skill points

I have defeated these guys with Risa as a partner. I have tried defeating them on my own. IT WILL NOT COUNT THEM AS DEFEATED. What am I missing?

Hi there! Not sure, but I recommend you submit a ticket to support using the drop-down menu above. Click "contact us" then "contact us now." Then, after logging in with your MS account, you should be in the right area. 🙂

Woah there isn't a level requirement? The JP version has a level requirement, was it information that just wasn't passed on to NA? This is that same CO on JP alt text


I am a Ranger. There is no level requirement. Anyone else have any insight other than submit a ticket?


What category do I submit a ticket under?

@i48TonsOfSlaves what he means is you are probably defeating lower level bosses from an easier difficulty than what it should be asking you to defeat due to bad translation. Have you tried killing a Lv41+ boss to see if that would register the kill? Looks like they missed a huge asterisk if it does register...


Here is the NA taken from my cell phone

alt text

@i48TonsOfSlaves it finally counted for me doing exploration on Hard.

Very hard didn't work, SH didn't work, only Hard for some reason, and through the explorations.

She wasn't even my partner when I completed it.


Which one? There are 3 bosses to kill


Your guess was right. They neglected to mention the Level requirement. That's a big miss for 5 SP

@i48TonsOfSlaves yeah i just saw the pic you took, it's missing the entire blurb from the client lol...

Oh jeez, that seems like a really huge detail to leave out of the client order, I hope they fix it! Thanks for taking a picture of the NA version, I don't have access to the game so I don't know what's been changed! alt text


In a similar category, you'll notice the client name as Risa. There are a couple client order descriptions that list her as Lisa.

I had the same issue with the Braver order. I think it's probably messed up for all classes.

Hello! We're addressing this issue, but thank you for providing additional documentation on it!