(AC) Arks Cash problem

My friend and I have been playing PSO2 for quite some time and want to transfer to Ship 2: Ur

However, we have already made 3 characters in total. We both bought AC and I have been given my AC within 24 hours and I play through PC/Steam.

My friend plays through Xbox One and bought his AC and Stargems through Microsoft and has not received either for over 3 weeks now.

  • We have already checked in-game after 24-48 hours. Still no AC
  • We have already checked in-game through the Visiphone. Still no AC
  • The transaction had already gone through for Microsoft and they had already said it is on Sega's end.

So please can anyone give us any other tips?

Your friend will have to send in a support ticket at support.pso2.com; make sure that they include proof of the transaction going through in the attachments.