Game will not start (Windows 10)

Okay I'll give the full rundown. I bought a new SSD last week and reinstalled my OS (Windows 10). PSO 2 refuses to work now. I have tried literally everything I can think of and nothing works. I have tried:

Installing via tweaker (I have used every troubleshooting option available and checked the files multiple times, same thing always happens game will not start)

Installing vanilla

Installing vanilla on a different drive other than primary (will not let me. Doesn't give an error or anything, I choose another drive from the drop down menu and hit the install button and nothing happens)

Installing on primary drive and then moving to another drive after install (gives me an error code "0x80070005" says "the operation did not complete successfully")

To say this is extremely frustrating is an understatement. Everytime I try to start the game a pop up box comes up and asks if its okay for this program to run and make changes to your system (I'm assuming this is the same as everything that runs as admin), then after that NOTHING. No error code, nothing running in the background thats in task manager or anything. I thought that maybe an old installation of the game could be mucking things up but I nuked all other instances of the game files from my system yesterday and still the game refuses to start.

I'm kind of in a similar situation myself, except when I click start game from the launcher it would try to load up the game but the game wouldn't start.

@Heathboyz94 I'm trying to download via steam atm to see if that works.

Okay steam got me to actually see the launcher so thats progress I guess, but of course after a small update and trying to launch the game windows said I was missing a .dll file (and of course I didn't make note of what it was). I now am in the process of verifying the install files on steam and its downloading the full game again >.> I will make note of the file if it happens again.


After a second installation it says I need this mysterious file. Well off to google, if you don't hear from me I downloaded a virus and probably died.

Downloaded replacement files of the ones I'm missing and still doesn't work. Keep getting the same error.

@Felicia-0 said in Game will not start (Windows 10):

Downloaded replacement files of the ones I'm missing and still doesn't work. Keep getting the same error.

You should never download the files from the internet. Instead, Steam should have a folder with the common redistribution files. Typically, it is in your Steam Library folder in the directory where steam was installed. The default location would be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared_CommonRedist

In that folder, should be a folder called vcredist. Open the 2015 folder in there and run x86 and x64 installers, starting with the x86 one. You need to use the exe files. This should install the necessary Visual C++ Runtime Library which includes that missing file. After they are installed, restart the PC with Start, power, restart. If you keep getting errors, it might be best to check the Tweaker's Discord group in the tech support section.

Did exactly as you said and still received the same error. Thanks for trying though. I have multiple instances of steam on different drives from older installations of windows, so I am going to try getting rid of those and reinstalling steam to see if that does anything.

I'm kinda banned from fleet, but if I come up empty again I will make a new account and ask there.