Atlas ALZ EX

Says you need 530 dex. to equip it but my luster has 649 dex. and says still can't equip it. Thats 119 more dex. than says you need. Same with the Bayonect Dusk to. They need fixed

It is not counting the DEX added from the Units and Augments. It goes by your char's base DEX plus the DEX from the mag if any. This goes to all equipment requirements. They go by the char's base stats plus any from the mag stats that add to it. It will not add any stats from weapons, units, nor augments that may provide stat boosts. These are excluded from the required total.

With this in mind, your char's base stat (plus mag stat if any) are below 530 dex. The equipment lets you know the requirements stat needed and in (current value: xxx) next to it will tell your actual base stat you have.

is the base dex of your character not your total, if you go to the weapon you gonna see the base value your character has and that's why you cannot equip it yet, also keep in mind base stats are affected by race and titles

This was with no mag, weapons, or units on my character. This was base score of my character at level 70. But at level 72 says now have over 100 more dex. than need for it. I don't think in 2 levels You gain 100 dex. on base stats.

@hynaku4494 you didn't get it what we tried to explain so I will be more detailed

this is the current value of dex that my character has, is a Newman female 100 Luster so my dex value is lowest and my mag is not a DEX mag


now this is the real value with no affixes or any bonus applied


that value right there is the base DEX value of my character if I were using a pure DEX mag the value will be 200 points higher because mag status are counted in the base stats.

@hynaku4494 Well, listing up some ways to raise the your base DEX stat.

  1. Level your Luster up to 75. This won't be enough for the said 100 DEX needed, but still makes a progress towards the goal and lessens the stat that needs to be raised through other means. Leveling up to 75 is not that difficult, especially on days with better level-up recommended quests like "A Broken World of Twisted Shadows", "Menace of the Bewitched Castle" or "Disturbing Whistle of Chaos". Beyond level 75, the XPs needed for each level grow significantly greater,so other options might be preferable, I guess.

  2. Raise your Braver and Bouncer to level 75 and get the titles for these. Each non-Scion classes has special titles for attaining level 75, giving us stats boosts for all characters. Among these, Braver and Bouncer gives +30 DEX bonus each. With both Braver and Bouncer leveled up to 75, your Luster will get a +60 DEX boost.

  3. Buy a new mag with 300 AC and make it a DEX only mag. This will be a pretty quick way to boost DEX stat. Of course, the DEX mag is not useful with Luster (DEX mag is for Braver, Bouncer and Phantom). Yet having a DEX mag is pretty useful when farming other classes. There are many good gears requiring DEX stat, having a DEX mag enables you to use them at lower levels. As an extreme case, Croesus series weapons from the Legendary 15★ Collection 1 have a requirement of 300 DEX. With a 200 DEX mag and the 60 DEX class bonus from Braver and Bouncer, this can be wielded even with a level 10 character. So as a utility, DEX mag has its use.

  4. If your MEL/RNG/TEC mag was under level 200, feed it disks and raise the DEX stat. This is quite an extreme option, as DEX stat on mag is mostly useless for Luster class. If you want to erase the DEX stat on your mag later, you'll have to use Mag Level Reduction Devices available at the EX-Cube exchange shop. This will cost 5 EX-Cubes per level. So paying 500 EX-Cubes to fix 100 DEX later, is something I never want to do for myself. But if you were only a few points of DEX stat away from the goal, this can be a viable option, I think.

  5. Pick the Total Defense Up class skill of Luster. Spending 10 skill points for this class skill gives you 50 DEX stat. I recommend this option only when (a) you've already fixed your Luster skill tree at level 100 and the planned tree has already included Total Defense Up skill, or (b) you are fine to pay AC/SG to reset your Luster skill tree later, or (c) you are fine to use one Reset All Skill Tree Pass to fix this and re-input class trees for ALL of your classes.

Maybe there are some other ways, but these are what I think of immediately.

My guess doesn't count the luster skills that boost your dex. or it was bugged and when logged back from lunch it fixed it.