Any chance of bringing back the Early May SG bundles for PC players?

Specifically these two bundles. The microsoft store PC version launched on May 27, long after these bundles were taken off. The emotes and costumes in those bundles are entirely inaccessible for PC players.

SG Shop bundles were retired as a concept prior to PC release and the only contents of other ones to resurface since were the PSU ones in Fresh Finds without the discount given by these bundles.

It's most likely various contents from these bundles would reappear in Fresh Finds in the same way, but that'd still be a double-whammy for being a delayed wait and an increased cost due to lack of discount (further so as PC also missed the first ARKS League week that helped pay for these).

The consolation to this possibility would be that since they'd be sold individually, if you didn't want everything from them, you could just buy what you wanted and potentially end up spending less SG overall.

@Miraglyth They've already did a re-run of some of the PSU items, but nothing on the emotes or the outfits from the two I linked.

Yeah believe me, I'm aware...