Just as it says it is hard to find people to play with. For me I have tried to reach on reddit but the one time I got r ally lucky the one playeri was hangout with just kinna went MIA.

Ship 1 GBL here. Rose Jules, alliance: F3llowship

It was nice to have someone to chat and play with. I even got alot of grinding on to decorate the room with flowers (something they liked in game and irl) to make it a place to just hang out and relax. Work work and life having that small escape with someone to just chat with it play with even digitally was super nice. I am not expecting a flood of people or even more than just join an alliance or something. I get it but I am so socially awakeard even in-game. Idk if this was even a good place to post it however taking a stab. If you see me game and wanna friend me or even chat grind a bit on the daily or an explore some hit me up.