Epic Games & Steam?

I have already downloaded PSO2 on steam but when i switched to epic games i was prompted to download the game again, is there anyway to skip the process of redownloading the game?

Sadly Steam, Game Pass, and now Epic Games all want separate installs since each launcher doesn't detect PSO2 from the other ones.

@LazerRay aw that sucks, 142 gb for some weap camo doesnt seem that worth it now

you can copy your pso2 bin directory to the appropriate folder via epic games, start the download first on epic games, wait a minute or so, then stop the download and find where its downloading. copy pso2 bin into epic store directory and it will save you a lot of bandwitch download time

You can use the PSO2 Tweaker to switch between MS, Steam, and Epic versions of the game.