I've been thinking about this one for a while but decided to hold off on making the topic since the new trigger blocks came out. The reason I'm making this suggestion is simply because it's difficult to gather people to run some of the older triggers; You can get around this by doing triggers solo, but since they're scaled to accommodate a group of 12 it can take upward of 20-30 minutes to do them solo, which is terrible for boosters. The drop rate also stays the same (it gets slightly worse technically) when you run solo vs a group despite the difference in quest duration.

The reason I make this proposal is because it's much easier to get a room of 4 people as opposed to 12, and even if you end up running it solo the 4 man version takes less time than the main eq.

An alternative to this request that I thought of was adding some form of scaling to trigger quests specifically the way that ship infiltration and endless quests scale, but I'm not sure that's possible to put into the game at this point.