Left Ring choices

I had a question about rings, more specifically left ones.

I am currently upgrading my party toughness ring and as a br/ph main I was wondering if the same DEX concept does apply to skill rings (getting both melee and range points by choosing DEX).

Also I noticed that there is a feature where you can implement the skill ring stats (melee, range, tech pwr/def) onto a unit, but does that also transfer skills onto the unit? If the party toughness affect can be placed on the unit that would be so helpful because I can use other skill rings I need for my left ring.

DEX conversion only applies to DEX from you Mag, not from Rings or Augments.

When adding Rings to 12*+ Units, the Skills (ie. damage reduction, increased Atomizaer speed, etc.) are transferred to the Units, but the stats are not.

Thanks for the clarification!

another thing is that rings stats are pretty much worthless, dex from a +20 ring will be only 20 dex and is the same for any other stat so they really won't help you with stats