Frequent disconnects in Armada Training: Final Lament, right before the final trio, after the teleporter triggers

Keeps happening nearly half the time I've done this UQ, never disconnected anytime anywhere else recently.

Really sucks losing a run 10+ minutes in when this happens

Posting to say that this is my exact experience as well. Losing 10 minutes of booster time and ten minutes of life and getting nothing because the teleporter room bugs out is a real day sore.

Signal boosting this. I get disconnected about half of the time at the last boss teleporter. It can happen multiple times in a row and can just result in me getting 0 loot despite running the UQ for all 2~3 runs, up till the end. I like the UQ a lot and all, but I've been slain by the teleporter boss too many times, it's driving me mad.