Returning player on Xbox.

Hello all,i leaved from this game due to toxicity and homosexual people playing the game,i have no problem with their sexuallity,but you not see me explaining my last night fuck with a woman,the positions and so,so please,stay away from commenting yours,even if It was men or women,noone cares your sexual life,and not everyone want to know,this is not tinder.

Aside from that,i know the risk of return to the game to continue seeing this toxicity,but this toxicity was on the most populated channel in ship 1. So i guess i go to less populated channel to evade this toxicity.

Now,to the point,what is new in episode 6 appart of new classes? I am a Newman force male with the will of go with the techter subclass,but i am only under level 30,so i not unlocked all the game offers.

The last time i played the game,i unlocked the 10000 casino coins Rod appearance for my Rod,It cost me an entre day to unlock,non stop playing the casino,but the reward was glorious.

Now i want to return to the game where the part i left,but i guess that the things have changed a bit.

Now,Microsoft have said that in the next months,the free to play games on Xbox not need gold for play,so i will play more to the game.

My english is not perfect but i write It the best i can.

Also,please,do not call me homophobic for the reason of the first comment i did here,but i explained my reasons of why i do not like that toxicity,and on the second point,before you call me homophobic,homophobia only means that the person in particular do not like homosexual people,nothing else. And please moderators,do not ban me,cause this toxicity can be applyed on both ways,but this time this toxicity is caused by homosexual people.

Maybe i will be callèd every insult you can say,but EVERY game is the same shit. So please,stay away from commenting those things ingame.

And this is about to return to the game,this englobal all my questions posted here.

Try a different block or ship.

Peoples vibes and the population will vary ship to ship. There is also the blocklist function if you feel it's an ongoing issue. I don't see a lot of overtly explicit chatter on my ship, though surely its bound to occur somewhere.

Episode 6 added a few things.. I don't have the list in front of me though it's all listed on the main site.

Ok tyvm for the link,i will check it out. Btw if i go to another ship,my character and ítems will be gone. The toxicity was on the first block of the ship 1. I expect the toxicity still is on,but i will change block i guess.

@Ximinett You know you could have worded this much better right? I think you want hateful comments, because you could have mentioned what made you leave without bringing up the fact the people happened to be homosexual. Do you really think this is specific among homosexual people? Because I can assure you straight people also talk about how they have sex, their positions, etc with people of the same gender.

This is bait, right? You’re suspiciously hyper focused on what people are doing with their bits, there.

Anyway, ship 1 doesn’t seem toxic to me right now. I recently made an alt there and it seems like a chill community, one of the ships I was considering to transfer to.