Where is the Spirited Parfait?

Are we getting this at all, would really like it for my Rappy pet, I have looked and it’s not in the game as far as I can find yet Candy that came out after this is already in the game so what gives

Spirited Parfait はりきりパフェ Increases damage of non-PA Pet attacks by 40%. EA188710-4E10-4C46-AC3D-DCF0FE75FFF4.jpeg

I thought I had seen these in the badge exchange shop, could have been a different version..

This might have been a bingo or mission reward.

@Redex as far as I can tell ever site with Candy information on it does not have the name listed or effect listed nothing has been even worded close to what it does

I'd love to know if we will ever have this and his super version. It's not mandatory, but they are very useful to make a normal attack only Rappy

Hello! Is a "Normal Attack-only Rappy" something popular with many players? Forgive my lack of knowledge, but my personal characters have either been Gunner, Hero, Force, and Phantom. I will bring this up to the team, however!

@GM-Deynger I’m not sure about the build my self, I saw the item listed in a guide for summoner way back when the game first launched for NA and it was intriguing to me and I would like to get this to try it out

@GM-Deynger Since Rappy has one of the strongest normal attacks among all pets, combining it with a (Super) Spirited Parfait makes normal attack to be almost as strong as its Photon Arts. Combine that with Braver sub that has the "Enhance Attack" skill you pretty much have a PA that uses no PP.

It wasn't worth going for before because 1.- We lacked Spirited Parfaits, and 2.- Rappy was extremely hard to get, and even then ★13 Rappy (Lv 120) isn't as strong as ★14 Rappy (Lv 130). But now that we have easy access to Rappy, we just need the Spirited Parfait to make this build work. It can be incredibly strong and very beginner friendly for new Summoners.

@GM-Deynger As @Meikoloid said, the Rappy normal attack only build is a good way to begin using Summoner, because if you combine a high level Rappy with the two parfaits (normal and super version) plus the BR subclass or the relative ring providing normal attack boost, you can basically make a pet capable of doing decent damage without the need of combos, Rykros staff and high PP, things that are instead mandatory for almost every other pet builds.

This strategy can be also very useful for non SU main player wanting to level up this class without the need of learning his mechanics and building dedicated affixes

Sorry for bumping this, but I had to do it since I saw they existed in the global server.

Super Spirited Parfaits now drop from the Primordial Darkness UQ, Ultra Hard difficulty to be specific. They're now called "Super Energy Parfait."

While this is certainly good news, there's still the fact that the normal version of this sweet is unobtainable as of the writing of this. It's still impossible to make the Normal Attack Rappy build, or make good use of the all class Harmonizer w/o the need of Summoner sub.

I got the super version on the EQ, so I can confirm.

About the normal version, we can only hope that they will add it soon on the drop list of some seasonal EQ (if they'll bring them to NA), or maybe in a collection folder and/or in the badge shop like they did with other sweets

We're missing a lot of sweets that are easily obtainable on jp. Could compare the list on jp vs global and half the list is missing, that's not parity between servers at all.