failed to login epic games account. [ Error:7 ]

its have pso2.exe gameguard.exe and black screen show up like it finish loading then error appear. Eufl5EPVgAUFKbG.png I already contact to epic game and they said like this Screenshot 2021-02-18 152913.png


if no one respond or fix this problem that mean SEGA didnt care anything about about they game and player who support this game anymore.

This forum is for peer-to-peer assistance, so there is only so much help you can get here. The most I can recommend at this time is to make sure that the game's install folder is set as an exclusion in your anti-virus and in Windows Security as many Gameguard related issues come from those trying to stop it for initializing properly, and I imagine that that could also cause authentication issues.

If that doesn't work, what you need to do to get official support is go to and submit a ticket.

@AndrlCh Thank, all I saw is player help another didnt have respond from sega support since msstore appear

what a shame to SEGA developers, i got the same problem right now... and I'm just trying this 'cuz of the rewards lol

This just proves misery love company. I was feeling bad if this was just my problem. Keep me posted if they ever fix this.

I have the same problem, I already started the application in the folder as administrator, but nothing after starting the launcher comes out that miserable error, it helps 😢

error 7 for what I know is a Game Guard issue when is not started with administrator access, because Epic Launcher for some reason doesn't require it but Game Guard requires it for his Kernel access so restart Epic with Administrator and probably will stop giving you that error

Thank you very much friend, Jamesmor SAN, it has already opened, it is just as you said, you have to run the EPIC LAUNCHER as administrator and from there open the game normally and that's it, thank you very much friend now if you try this game 🙂 ❤

@Jamesmor obrigado eu consegui resolver o problema botar a epic games como administrador funcionou