Epic games/ steam account link rewards.

I'm having a bit of a pickle with trying to get the rewards for the epic games version of pso2 into my steam acc. The accounts are both linked and i have made and played a character via the epic games client, sadly theres been no rewards on my steam account via the visiphone. Am i missing something? is there like a time before we recieve the rewards?

You should get them immediately via the visiphone. (The Visiphone will have a red exclamation point above it.) The Visiphone is the purple/pink icon terminal near the green cube icon terminals.

If you don't get them immediately, log out and log back in.

If that doesn't work, then you'll have to submit a support ticket via the website: https://pso2.com/support#contact-us

if the support login redirects you back to the login page or infinitely redirects, you need to login with your Xbox Account. Since they refuse to fix the issue where steam accounts have an infinite redirect when attempting to login.

Been trying to figure this out myself. You are correct on the delivery method. "Reward Distribution: upon meeting requirements, via the Visiphone"

I've never used the Epic platform before. I just want to get this done so I can uninstall it.

I attempted to contact them, and told them precisely the problem and they pretty much copy pasted the usual -did you turn it off and on again- reply, even though they had been told excactly what was wrong. i then replyed to them to tell them once again the initial problem i have and theres been no peep from them since.

@Taho You shouldn't need to create a new character in the Epic version. If you linked your account properly your existing characters should show up when you start the game via Epic launcher. I've linked from Xbox to Win 10 then to Steam - never had to create new characters as my original XBox characters have always been ready for me to play in each platform I link

Having to install a third version of the game in order to get these weapon camos was a dick move by the developers. Made worse by the fact that I can't get the link code from the Steam version since you can only get link codes from the version of the game you originally started playing on and I originally made the game account on the Windows Store version. Now the Windows Store version is refusing to launch correctly so I can't get my link code.

It seems the only thing this company can keep in proper working order are the micro-transactions.

@ScrawnyKitty -If i linked my account properly- To which i did do is sadly the known issue. even when after linking my steam and epic accounts together, downloading the client epic store side, and then obtaining my code via steam to input and then do another jump the hoop of double account linking via in game option. it never came up when i jumped into the epic games version. And my excisting characters never showed up and yeah @Eturnity0011 it is a bad move. just as it was a bad move making limited time items on xbox version for people that never had the console to play on it, and not giving pc gamers a look in chance to get said items on initial launch on steam 😄

Final update from the amazing sega team they basicly cannot and will not help with this problem at all. they just shrugged their shoudlers went -oh well- and thats it case closed.

@Taho LOL. Yeah. In my experience, their support team is under specific instructions to help with nothing.