Less FPS after 2/17 maint

Anyone else notice worse ingame performance after yesterday's patch? My game is 99% of the time stable at 144fps and never goes below 100fps in populated blocks. Since the patch, I've been seeing spikes down to 20fps.

Something Sega broke thanks to the EGS guff?

does normal missions perfectly fine.

spend some time chatting in lobby starts to lose frames after 10 minutes

does any UQ frames die

reboots game an try UQ again an frames are fine

im playing on a xbox one x an before the mant i was playing just fine. 😕 getting to the point that i might have to go back to playing on steam

Since yesterday I've noticed that the performance has been way, way worse than it ever was. (Xbox One S user here)

While doing the new UQ Final Lament, the frame rate dips in a very horrible way, especially on the 2nd area where it gets extremely busy big quantity of enemies and visual effects. This wasn't as much of a surprise since it really isn't the only quest that suffers frame drops from time to time (Risky Explorations and Ultimate Explorations specially) but it became a real problem once I did Profound Darkness today. In the almost 1 year I have been playing that quest has never ever presented a problem before, and if it, it was never to such immense degree, so I'm certain they really messed something up with the EGS release.

The problem isn't only present on quest, it is even present on lobbies. High populated blocks always caused lags, but now even low populated blocks are starting to cause stutters everytime I get close to a player.

I changed some of the grafical settings to see if it helped, but there was absolutely no difference whether I did it or not. I'm gonna try to delete my Xbox's cache to see if that helps on anything.

Something with the Final Lament UQ permanently messes up the performance on your game until you restart it. The performance hit was less painful on lower graphics settings but still there. On max, its brutal. I go from 144 fps in lobby to like 15 after I've run Final Lament until I restart.