Game reinstalling itself [Steam]

So I'm on the Steam client for the game and after the recent update the game is now trying to reinstall all 70+gb of game files again. I checked my game files and they are all there. This isn't the first time this has happened and I would like to find a fix for this already. I cant afford to keep redownloading the game as internet isn't free and I don't want to wait too long for a fix to come out as I have a premium pass running.

Close Steam completely, even the taskbar thing. Try opening the "appmanifest_1056640.acf" with notepad and set the following:

  • "StateFlags" "4"
  • "BytesToDownload" "0"
  • "BytesDownloaded" "0"
  • "BytesToStage" "0"
  • "BytesStaged" "0" save. Restart Steam.

You can find the file in the "library" folder for your steam games, should be called "SteamApps". Changing this should usually tell Steam: "yo, this is 100% downloaded." However, this could put your PSO2 installation in an unstable state unless it is verified somehow.