How is everything going! I can’t get on! Winter storms are kicking our butts!

Anything good happening!?

@RainGnyu Sorry you're having trouble, for me it is a mostly normal day, I haven't tried the new UQ and LQ yet. I hope the forums are subbing somewhat for your PSO2 fix.

Be safe, hope you and your family are going to be alright!

I am safe and thank you! It is rough and this winter storm is no joke!! We learning how to survive and sometimes what we learned is rewarding. How is everyone else doing I am praying for everyone......on the real and on my knees praying!


Glad to hear all is going ok, thoughts and prayers with you brother.

Went to a gathering earlier yesterday on my ship and we had got together for a group photo with a few different Alliances. Other than that I've reached the point leading into the final boss fight in Chapter 6.

Cool! Can’t wait to get back and see how things are going and try out the new content.

New urgent quest is pretty rad.

Killing me!


Ahah, my bad.

Hopefully whenever the storm is more toned down over there you can game on a more stable connection. ..Unless the issue is that you're literally on a mountaintop in Alaska surviving clinging onto the last known satellite signals for dear life well you batten down tents flying away in the heavy storm.

In that case, I wish you all the best of luck!

Internet is down here!


Ah I see.

Well these days... Some might even say that is a fate far worse than battling the elements of a winterous downtrodden atop a mountain in a heavy storm.

Cheers/goodluck and may the good fortunes soon be with your ISP.

Better that than what been happening to others. Then you have these politicians taking vacation when people who voted for them are suffering. Some of these politicians are just thieves!

Yes, the world finds itself in quite an interesting disposition at times and right now more prevalent than ever.

I imagine it's partly in protest though I care not to speculate on such matters.

Is gaming withdrawals real?

Just more forum nonsense, and my Alliance Discord raging about possible lack of character creation freedom in terms of NGS Height.

(Some of us are CASTs with Leg parts that add +5 to +15 on Height. It really messes up body proportions in terms of the preferred small face size.)

Nothing too exciting happened recently, aside from the fact that I'm still clearing out inventory space into my shop.