Xbox One X quality settings

It would be fantastic if the Xbox One X version of the game allowed you to choose between prioritizing framerate or resolution. I'd love to be able to get a higher frame rate in the game by allowing the resolution to dynamically adjust.

Thanks for your time! ^^

I wonder if they will add and code in the option, or just expect everyone to get a xbox series x and play PSO2 at 4k 120fps.


It's unlikely they'll add settings/code in. PS3 and PS4 versions of certain MMOs were the same. (FFXIV as an example.) The PS3 had terrible textures/etc. while the PS4 version of the same game had way better graphics/etc. The old console support was eventually dropped years later. But don't expect that one example to be just a fluke. Single Player games do that all the time too.

@coldreactive the only thing is, the Xbox One S version of the game DOES have resolution scaling, where the PS4 and PC versions (of the Japanese client) do not have dynamic resolution. On XB1X, I've seen heavy frame drops but the resolution never seems to drop to compensate.

I'd rather have dynamic resolution scaling to allow the game to run smoother, than have the game running at a pristine 1080p/4k with heavy frame drops. But some people like having that resolution.

It would just be nice to have the option to choose!

@QBlockGaming said in Xbox One X quality settings:

I'd rather have dynamic resolution scaling to allow the game to run smoother, than have the game running at a pristine 1080p

I'd rather just have 1080p at 60 FPS. Frame drops are to be expected when dealing with a lot of characters on screen however. Even in other MMOs.

@coldreactive This is why I say the option is important! I'd rather the game downscale to preserve framerate, and you'd rather have the sharp resolution. The choice is important! ^^

Sorry to bump this, but did anyone notice the Xbox One X version of this game is ALWAYS running in 4K? Even if you connect it to a 1080P display, the game runs in 4K and downscales to 1080P.

You can easily confirm this by setting the GUI to small or medium (not 4K small or 4K medium).

It makes the graphics look pretty good because it sort of anti aliases everything this way. But it sucks, also, because you have to run the GUI at 4K medium or 4K large in order to read anything. (Which still have bugged positions on things like map coordinates, etc.)

@QBlockGaming Good observation, yes we need better performance on the 1X. I bet you there will still be issues on the XSX this game is not optimized.

I would really like to see a native 1080p and 1440p option on the 1X. I bet this will solve dozens of performance problems.