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Before anyone says check isp, router, modem, or connection settings. There is nothing wrong with any of them.

that you don't have any means to be 100% sure there's nothing wrong with then, the internet is not simple as you connect directly to a server when you are playing a online game you are connected to several servers so before lashing your anger for DC over Sega check all info even more if you are suffering constantly DCs that are way more fault of the ISP you are using

I dc for seemingly no reason as well, even when nothing is wrong with my connection. Not very often, but it happens. I'm always worried the server will kick me out when I'm running a rainbow key. It's unfortunate Sega hasn't designed a phantasy star game that will remember exactly what you were doing in your gaming session, like other mmos.

Oddly enough my husband had the same problem a while back while my connection was always flawless, buying a new router fixed the problem on his end. It’s a pretty last resort fix but if yours isn’t new it could be something to look into. Like I said, only one of us in the house in the same computer room and same connection had problems so it was very strange!

They really should just let you back into the instance like other games, though. It only takes a minute or two to log back in, the game shouldn’t punish players like that.