Increase trigger window to 30 minutes

3 minutes isn't enough. Sometimes even after 10, you can't get enough people to run it. This is an issue with one-time triggers like seasonals that can't be bought. I have lost multiple triggers in a row despite advertising on Block 7 which is always max cap. It's not really very fair to use up a trigger when it wasn't run. Maybe either raise the window to 30 minutes, or make it droppable any time prior to starting the fight.

Just as an FYI, that "3 minute window" is just the window to remake the trigger for free if you messed up settings, not a "no one can join this trigger anymore, it is now closed". People are still able to join after the 3 minute window.

As another note, you're free to sit in the lobby and post in local chat that you're hosting the trigger while it's open. Opening your menu will show you how many people are inside (you'll need to close and reopen to update this number)

Uh, I know all of that. None of that has to do with why I posted. I posted because you should get the trigger back if you take it down without using it because sometimes you can't get an MPA and then the trigger is completely wasted. Given some triggers are unobtainable except when you are given the first one, this is just bad design.

I'm not really sure why the trigger window even exists. Should only be consumed if you actually start playing the quest in my opinion. Putting a trigger up with no one joining would feel bad.